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1. What is the difference between Viola and Pansy?
They both come from the same family of plants and look very similar to each other. Viola flowers are smaller than Pansy flowers, however they also last a little longer than Pansy flowers. Both Pansy and Viola plants survive frost and provide good color from early spring to mid summer.
2. How much spacing should I use for Pansies and Violas?
Pansies and Violas should be planted in masses and look great in combinations. If you are starting them in a container or window box you can space pansies 5 inches apart and violas 4 inches apart. If you are transplanting them into your garden, Pansies can be spaced between 6 to 8 inches and Viola 5 to 7 inches wide.
3. How often should I feed/fertilize my garden?
Once a week with an all-purpose feed.
4. When's the best time to put down weed control chemicals?
It really depends on the weeds that you are trying to control and in what area. There are many types of controls. Pre-emergents need to be applied before the seeds begin to germinate. Post-emergents can be applied after the plant has begun to grow. Choose which ever suits your situation best. Be sure to read the label on the containers so that you apply the chemical appropriately.
5. Are poinsettias really poisonous?
No person or animal should ever eat any part of a poinsettia plant. But to answer your question, NO, poinsettias are not poisonous.
6. Something always partially eats/chews the buds on the geranium plants. It does not matter if plants are in hanging baskets or in the ground. I also do not see any insects when I look at the chewed buds. The result is a very ragged flower when the bud does open.
The insect may be an earwig. We recommend that you speak to someone at the garden center where you purchased you Instant Color plants regarding what and how to apply the appropriate pesticide.
7. I have been told that if you mulch Dusty Miller, that same plant will grow again in the spring. Is this true?
Dusty Miller sometimes does come back from the previous year. It depends if we have a severe winter, if the plant is protected, and if it was established before the cold weather. Mulching your plants will provide some protection.
8. When I buy a poinsettia after one week it dies. Every year this happens. So what can I do to prevent this?
Poinsettias are very sensitive to temperature and moisture extremes. When you bring your poinsettia home be sure to wrap it carefully as to protect it from the cold weather. Once you have it home do not place it near a door or heat vent.
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